The Crab Shack

The Crab Shack is a chain of European and American-style restaurants specializing in seafood dishes with typical Cajun sauce. When taking about The Crab Shack, you can think about a party on the coast, with fresh seafood and cold beer. This is a summer party – endless relaxing season. And, Crab Shack wants to bring the flavor and color to your table where you can share feelings with your family and friends: “The meal is not only the meal but also a friendly, warm and funny chat.”

How The Crab Shack changes the way you enjoy seafood

We have a lot of fresh seafood (and just only the freshest seafood) from special area around the world. We research and create different seafood processing recipes, based on each kind of seafood, to bring the freshest taste. Moreover, each seafood will have each equally typical sauce. And, we serve you the most exquisite dishes. We hope that you will have unforgettable experience with The Crab Shack.

Best cajun sauce in town!

The Crab Shack associated with Cajun-sauce seafood dishes. Cajun is a famous sauce of American living in New Orleans, Louisiana, this sauce has a strong, spicy and typical flavor. Although the restaurant is not the pioneer of European and American seafood, The Crab Shack always proud of the most unique and fascinating Cajun sauce. It is also the criteria we always try to bring interesting and unforgettable culinary experience for customers.

Top of crawfish restaurants in Vietnam

We try to become one of the best seafood restaurants in general and crawfish restaurants in particular. Our job is to serve the freshest seafood, with friendly, energetic serving style and create a warm space like your home. The Crab Shack is not only a restaurant but also a place that we share food and friendship value, build nice relationship and create good impression.

Your satisfaction is the biggest motivation to help us to improve ourselves.

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